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Travel route on Bikini.
The travel route on Bikini represents the following:
Approximate time of a travel - October - November. When tickets are cheaper.
1. Air flight Moscow - Amsterdam - Los Angeles - the island of Maui. As the people will be from the different cities and the countries, we meet on the island of Maui. In a camping of Olowalu or in a small hotel on the ocean coast where in 50 meters from number among stones huge turtles fuss.
Second option: air flight Moscow - Tokyo - Honolulu - the Island of Maui.
It is possible to choose any. Through Tokyo it seems well.
Last year we flew to the Hawaiian Islands through Tokyo.

2. Then acclimatization in Olowalu camping on the bank of the Pacific Ocean - 2 days. It is necessary to get used to Polynesian climate, to have a rest after flight. Placement either in tents or in a tent lodge. We get used to marching conditions.
Olowalu Maui
We have a rest, we bathe, we drink beer (by the way excellent) who loves red wine - Californian, and for those who carries difficult out acclimatization - the Hawaiian rum. We play the guitar (who has a hearing). At whom isn't present - on the Hawaiian guitar - Ukulele. Well - we relax.
Оловалу Olowalu

Да, здесь следует заметить, что мы идем в поход, так что
 вопрос питания будем решать как в походе,
 на активной части похода.
И будем готовить блюда традиционные для каждой местности, т.е. для каждого архипелага, где будем останавливаться. Не ГУЛАГа.
На Маршалловых островах у нас будет в основном морское рыбное меню. Можно уже готовится, привыкать.
Что у нас на Гавайских островах? Киты, черепахи, ну и остальные рыбные ресурсы.
Одна из многочисленных съедобных рыб -
Летучая рыба.

Летучая рыба
Рассмотрим как ее готовить. Так как в магазине в Москве я ее что-то не видел, то будем тренироваться на анологичных.
Летучая рыба на кухне

3. For the third day moving to Hosmer camping in the mountain area in the center of the island of Maui. 2 days. Placement in tents. Meat on a grill.

Кэмпинг Hosmer остров Мауи
Кэмпинг Hosmer Maui

The next day training hike to the top of the island of Maui. Two days. Height of 3000 metres. After this training, we will be ready in case anything, (suddenly the plane only break) on the pie to travel from island to island in the Bikini Atoll.

And at the bottom of the clouds, but still below the Pacific Ocean.
On the left picture of the island of Maui, and words You Are Here marked the pinnacle of where we will have to climb. View from the top is breathtaking. Around the Pacific Ocean.
Маршрут подъема на вершину от кэмпинга

4. Move (or plane or ferry) from the island of Maui in Honolulu and fly to Majuro, capital of the Marshall Islands.
As United Airlines plane flies to the capital of the Marshall Islands from Honolulu airport, we need to move from the island of Maui on Oahu. The quickest way to do it. Well, for example aircraft of the local airline.

5. Majuro. Stop at one of the Islands near the capital. 2 days.

6. Fly by plane to the island of Bikini.

7. The island of Bikini. 7 days to live on the island. Swim, dive, surf dugouts under sail. 7 days on the island-just plane flies there once a week.

8. Flight from the island of Bikini in Majuro.  Then fly to Honolulu.

9. Honolulu. Visit Pearl Harbor, fortress, rainforest. Inspect the island of Oahu. Shoppers spend the whole day in a huge shopping centre.
The main attraction is the crater, near the capital of Hawaii-Honolulu.

Honolulu. View from the crater.

10. Moving in on the big island of Hawaii. Visit volcanoes, inspect the island, visit various attractions.

11. Flight Kona-Los Angeles.

12. Visit Yosemite Valley. 3 days.

Baker Bikini

Open record in the tourist group, was heading to the island of Bikini.  Recorded may only those who walked with Bolgov trekking (mountain, water), traveled on the orienteering competition, went on an expedition.
A list of these activities is as follows: Liepaja, Liepaja- -1973 1974, Usma-Rinda-Irbe-1975.  Msta-1977, Derpt-1979-1979, Turkmenistan - 1979, Turkmenistan-1980, lilaste, Caucasus 1983, Caucasus -1984, Tjan-Shan-1986, Tian-Shan, 1987, Karpaty-1987, Fanny mountains-1987, Seliger-1988, Tjan-Shan- 1988,Tjen Shan-1989, Caucasus-1991, Mont Blanc -1996, Amata-1997, Lizhma-1985, Kola-2002, Abramtsevo.  Look for your photo in the relevant campaign and click on it. The photo would later.